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FANTASTIC FOUR MODEL CEL Marvel 1 9.0 VF/NM No $3999.00 Avail

Fantastic Four Original Hand-Painted Color Model Cel (Hanna-Barbera, 1967) - This is THE first original hand-painted color MODEL CEL from the Fantastic Four's very first appearance in animated form, dated February 1967 - Introducing REED RICHARDS (Mr. Fantastic), BEN GRIMM (The Thing) SUE STORM (The Invisible Girl), and JOHNNY STORM (The Human Torch) to a brand new audience - This is NOT a reproduction but is THE Original, One of a Kind Model Cel that was issued by Hanna-Barbera in February 1967 as the final and approved model for the brand new FANTASTIC FOUR TV show that aired on ABC from September 9, 1967 through March 15. 1970 - Kept in the Hanna-Barbera files, this historic Cel was made from the finished art drawing by the incomparable Alex Toth - The inking on this cel would have been achieved through the (then still new) xerographic process, the colors were then painted on by hand. Including the signature by Alex Toth, along with Date, Studio notations, and copyright by Hanna Barbera Productions Inc. stamp from 1967 - Includes an additional Certificate of Authenticity from American Royal Arts - It is beautifully Matted and framed, with the Matte opening at 15" x 10", so this is a very large piece. Framed size is 23 inches wide - Condition of this original Cel is amazing, with only minor wear to the frame and plexiglass protective cover - This is a truly Amazing and historic piece of Marvel comics history that would eventually lead to the amazing movies we see today - To give you an idea of pricing, the SUPER FRIENDS 1977 title Cel sold for the astounding price of $10,157, and the 1965 ATOM ANT title cel sold for $10,755 (both at public auction). In my estimation, based on rarity and historic importance, this Cel is of greater value. 

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