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TV SHOWTIME - 1st STAR TREK Cleveland Press 1 6.5 FN+ Yes $899.00 Avail

This very RARE magazine was released two months before the Star Trek original TV Pilot episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" (Air Date: Sept 22, 1966) and a FULL year before the comic book Star Trek #1 (Gold Key July, 1967) - Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Janice Rand) was given the cover because beautiful women grab viewer attention and no one really knew what Star Trek was all about. Notice the story on page #5 that introduces William Shatner as the Star Trek captain and adds, "Even in the year 2099, the ladies apparently will do anything to get out of the kitchen.", referring to cover girl Grace Lee Whitney (shown in a bikini) - What makes this so rare today is not only the throw away nature of this paper magazine BUT it was made from baxter paper, which simply does not survive well. Captain Marvel #1 had a cover made from Baxter paper and today there is almost nothing left in unrestored nice condition. As the slightest ding will tear or crack this paper. It is not brittle from age at all (it is very nice) but baxter paper is fragile off the press. 

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