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SUPERMAN SUNDAY PAGE DC 135 9.0 VF/NM No $679.00 Avail

Very 1st Appearance of SUPERBOY anywhere - ORIGIN of SUPERMAN, from May 31, 1942 - As more newspaper syndicates signed up for the Sunday SUPERMAN page in their papers, it was necessary to explain the Origin of this amazing hero to a brand new audience. So in May of 1942 McClure published a newer, more comprehensive Origin story but this time showed a young Super-Boy growing up with his powers. In a two panel sequence we see Superboy bringing justice to a bully and racing against a locomotive. The idea of him as a boy with super powers never was conceived or addressed before. It was not until January 1945 that DC expanded on this concept and ran the very first Super-Boy story in MORE FUN COMICS #101, eventually making him a super-hero complete with costume - Also in this amazing Origin story we are told of his Telescopic and X-Ray vision - Back side is a complete Jane Arden adventure - The Condition of this page is exceptional High grade and the paper quality is Superior - With Early Superman comic books reaching world record prices, these Sunday pages are an extremely good buy, with this particular issue being of extreme importance................... Why this is so Rare: Due to the very fragile nature and large size of the early Sunday pages, very few survived over the years. Unlike comic books these Sunday pages had no thick higher quality covers to protect them as the comic books did. Even a single day of exposure to sunlight would ruin them, and nearly every young boy would tack them to their walls at home, or cut them up for scrapbooks. Consequently, this Sunday page is truly a Rare item today.  

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